Fleck 7000 High Flow-Rate Water Softeners

The Fleck model 7000 metered water softener is the latest state of the art residential conditioner from the company who's name is synonymous with reliability and long product life. The Fleck 7000 has been engineered and tested to withstand the equivalent of 27 years of uninterrupted daily use.

This is a high flow-rate system designed for todays upscale homes with more plumbing fixtures and greater water demands. Flow rate capabilities of more than 25 gallons per minute makes this the softener of choice for todays new homes with more plumbing fixtures.

Advanced electronics provide for easy programming and minimal parts. Switches, cycle cams, wiring harnesses and wire nuts have been eliminated. You can adjust variable brining and variable reserve which equates to high efficiency regeneration. The SE (Simplified Electronics) timer uses only $4.87 per year in electricity - based on one regeneration per day at $0.0745/kw.

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